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Wellbeing is a term for the condition of a person, for example their social, economic, psychological, spiritual or medical state; high well-being means that,  the a person’s experience is positive, while low well-being is associated with negative events.

Personal wellbeing starts with overcoming  the mental world of illusions and live authentically- to be your true Self. Psychotherapy (1) especially Hypno -Psychotherapy can help a person to recognise their reactivity’s and their cause, as well as the deformed perceptions that arise from them. Sometimes a person can reflect upon their view point and adjust them without support from a therapist. More often though there is real benefit in having both a guide and a “process”, that is a more structured way of eliminate blocks to the true self. It is widely known that questions relating to the meaning in life, which are often a basic part of a person’s  distress, unavoidably open up spiritual issues.

Healthy personal growth depends on a person promoting their own individuation (2) which includes life’s deeper questions relating to meaning and purpose. It depends on becoming their own true self and exercising their freedom of choice in any given situation. In doing so they can act authentically and bring down into the realm of their personal consciousness certain transpersonal qualities, and use them in their personal everyday life. They will also show these qualities to others and will be empowered by their choices both individually and in their relationships with others.

We are all spiritual beings. When we face seemingly overwhelming problems, sometimes  extra work is required in the sphere of the soul; “who am I…….what is my place in the world……..what am I here for….?” Are common questions. Such questions need answers and sometimes those answers, often found within are the most powerful part of therapy and life.

Some people find that admitting they are spiritual beings is a bit like being in love; it carries with it the same logic of risk taking, taking on a big responsibility, stepping over the line separating objective rational life to subjective enlightened life. The acceptance of our spiritual nature helps us to dismantle some of the barriers between our personal self and our spiritual self and helps us to bring out worthwhile qualities and use them in our everyday lives.

I would encourage anyone  to open up to what is inside; their true selves. Using tried and proven practices such as meditation and contemplation, from the great, and ancient, spiritual traditions and teachers.


(1) “Psychotherapy is the art, science and practice of studying the nature of consciousness and what may deduce or facilitate from it”. James Bugental in “Psychotherapy and Process”, (1978).

(2) Individuation may be regarded as the developmental process of becoming an individual who is aware of his or her authentic individuality.


Many thanks to Dr. Peter George of ICHP Australia on his inspiration for this blog.

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