Month: October 2015

Emotional Account


The Emotional Account can be used to gauge and measure your state of well-being on a day-today basis. You can take greater responsibility for and manage your overall well-being because the Emotional Account keeps track of all the ‘expenses’ or ‘debits’ (all the things that drain, tire and deplete you) and all the ‘deposits’ or […]

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Male Fertility Tips

Male fertility tips

Relax. Fifteen percent of men have a lowered sex drive due to stress, while 5% of men have sexual impotence due to the same cause. Stop smoking. It damages sperm DNA. It takes three months for sperm to fully form, so it is crucial to stop smoking at least three months prior to trying to conceive. Hypnosis […]

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Male Fertility


When a couple is diagnosed as infertile, initial thoughts are often directed toward the woman. The reality is that infertility factors are equally shared between men and women. The idea that infertility is entirely a women’s issue is just one of a few myths regarding the ability to conceive. You have probably been told that you have […]

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