Hypnotherapy is therapy carried out in hypnosis. Through the use of the trance state we are able to get to the root cause of an issue quickly and easily. By working with the subconscious mind we are able to access the emotional or feeling part of the mind.

Hypnosis can produce a deeper contact with one's emotional life.

This results in some lifting of repressions and exposure of buried fears and conflicts. Hypnosis has been used to treat a variety of physiological and behavioural problems.

What is suggestion about?

It is now a proven scientific fact that we can change our brain patterns and thoughts, through suggestion.

This is where the benefits of hypnotherapy, the utilisation of focused attention and hypnotic language, in laying down new neuronal pathways becomes scientific reality.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking image

If you really want to quit smoking, Hypnosis is the easiest and fastest way to Stop Smoking. By accessing the emotional part of the mind, we can create new neural pathways. You can live smoke free.

Sleep Disorders

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Do you find it difficult getting to sleep? By accessing the subconscious mind, we can get to the root cause easily. Learning techniques to help you sleep while in trance, enforces the learning, so you feel empowered.


Confidence image

Hypnotherapy is powerful for restoring ones personal power. Start to love and trust yourself, to be proud of who you are.

Weight Issues

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This is not a diet, it's a change in the way you think about food. Love the skin you're in. Start to live a healthier life. Change the way you think about diet.


Phobias image

Do you live in Fear? Through the use of hypnosis, fears and phobias can disappear. Feel in control and fearless. Control fears about any issue you have. From fear of flying to fear of spiders.

Fertility Issues

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Hypnosis and mind body techniques can really help you get through this difficult time. They help restore balance, and control, so you feel more empowered.

Irritable Bowel

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More and more people are turning to hypnotherapy for treatment of IBS. Hypnotherapy can help alleviate any emotional causes of IBS. Learn techniques that will help with the pain and discomfort.

Stop Biting Nails

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Do you hide your hands? or Spend a fortune on Gel nails?
Hypnotherapy is excellent for conquering this lifelong habit. Learn to love your hands again, regain confidence.