Learn to manage stress

It is estimated that over 40 million Europeans are suffering from stress in the workplace
Body/Mind Connection

A recent Examiner article stated that 91% of employees are sick with worry citing the psychosomatic connection between stress and physical illness. It is a well known fact in the hypnotherapy field that 80% of symptoms are psychosomatically caused by the subconscious mind and it is a watershed to find that current research is confirming this fact.

The body is often the first indicator that stress has reached the level of distress. It responds quickly to real or perceived threats. In the classic situation, if our senses tell us that our lives are in Jeopardy, the body gears up for immediate battle or speed. All internal systems respond: the heart speeds up, the breath becomes more rapid, muscles tense, eyes dilate, the gastrointestinal system disrupts digestive processes, nerves and hormones respond. By this “fight or flight” stress response, we instinctively gird for action.

Extensive research in several fields of medicine and psychology, including brain chemistry, neurobiology, immunology, and psychoendocrinology, attest to the body/mind connection.

Hypnotherapy can help

Research on the physiology of stress shows the potency of managing stress through training yourself
Managing Stress

To elicit the body’s natural ability to return to equilibrium when the flight or fight stress response has been activated: the relaxation response. The relaxation response reduces heart and respiration rates, blood pressure and metabolism via the hypothalamus and generates brain rhythms associated with peace.

You can learn to elicit the relaxation response through breathing techniques, progressive relaxation, guided visualization, meditation, self hypnosis and mindfulness. The relaxation response is a proven counterbalance to the stress response.


Hypno-cognitive therapy with Mindfulness and Hypnoanalysis
Manage Thoughts / Emotions

I use a combination of hypno-cognitive therapy with mindfulness and hypnoanalysis to find the cause and thereby eliminate the emotional effects. Hypnotherapy can be used to help a person relax and manage the thoughts and emotions that affect us on a physical, mental and emotional level, in everyday life. There may be a deeper issue that is causing you to be more upset in certain situations and this could be something you are not even consciously aware of.  Hypnosis can help identify the root cause of issues like this and a good hypnotherapist can show you how to deal with this in an effective way.

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