Anxiety and negative conditioning

A large percentage of my clients present themselves for hypnotherapy with anxiety symptoms.

With anxiety, the focus is internal. It is subjective, free-floating, out of control. One can have a feeling of ‘impending doom’ or a sense of a vague, distant or unrecognised danger.

Anxiety effects your whole being. It is an emotional, physiological, mental and behavioral reaction all at once. Whatever form that is presented the good news is, that there are tools available to help everyone.

Anxiety has a range of symptoms

Anxiety comes in many forms

Shortness of breathHeart palpitationsTrembling or shakingSweatingChokingNausea or abdominal distressNumbnessDizziness or unsteadinessFeelings of detachment or being out of touch with one’s selfHot flushes or chillsFear of dyingFear of going ‘crazy’ and out of controlDisturbing dreamsInsomniaSexual dysfunctionEndless worrying

How Hypnotherapy can help

If a client is experiencing four or more of the above symptoms all at once it may be classified as a spontaneous panic attack otherwise
Control Anxiety

If you becomes anxious in a specific situation, this is called situational anxiety or phobic anxiety. Once a client has experienced an anxiety attack they have a tendency to develop anticipatory anxiety or apprehension in fearful anticipation of the next one. It is negative conditioning that can be reversed with hypnosis.

With Hypnotherapy we work with the whole self, the conscious mind, the deeper feeling mind; the subconscious and the body. This is where we utilise the power within to activate the body and mind needed to restore the system to equilibrium.

Hypnotherapy and mindfulness are great tools for controlling feelings of anxiety and panic


When there is anxiety in the symptomology, analysis is always recommended
Cognitive Suggestion Therapy

Therefore a combination of cognitive suggestion therapy along with hypnoanalysis is necessary. With analysis carried out in the trance state we can get to the core of the issue quickly and easily.

Resolution happens when all parts of self are working in harmony. Only the whole self can achieve this. If you want to make a change, then positive action needs to be taken. You can overcome anxiety or any other issues through hypno – analysis.

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