How Hypnotherapy can help with Anxiety.


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety.

In my work as a hypno-psychotherapist I work with many people suffering from anxiety and anxiety related symptoms It is becoming more prevalent into today’s face paced life. Anxiety comes in many forms. Some have social anxiety, work related anxiety or anxiety about their fertility. The symptoms change from person to person. Many people experience difficulty getting to and staying asleep, poor concentration, muscle tension and headaches, rapid heart rate and breathing, sweating or trembling, diarrhoea or flare-up of another health problem or illness (e.g. dermatitis, asthma).

Whatever form that is presented the good news is, that there are  tools available to help everyone.

With Hypnotherapy we work with the whole self, the conscious mind, the deeper feeling mind; the subconscious and the body. This is where we utilise the power within to activate the body / minds need to restore the system to equilibrium.

Hypnosis and the activation of the parasympathetic system and the conscious control over the breath, go a huge way in calming the nervous system and   restoring control.

When anxiety is effecting your life the best course of action is hypno-analysis. With analysis carried out in the trance state we can get to the core of the issue quickly and easily.  Resolution happens when all parts of self are working in harmony. Only the whole self can achieve this. If you want to make a change, then positive action needs to be taken. You can overcome anxiety or any other issues through hypno – analysis.

There are things that you can do every day to help overcome anxiety. Identify the times you get anxious and what causes you stress. While doing this, can you see changes you could make that might help? Are there people that make the situation better or worse? Are there things that make you feel more relaxed that you can do more of?

Sometimes all we need to do is relax.  Find the best solution for you, try different methods. Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Yoga, Running or talking to a friend. When you’re feeling anxious, remind yourself this is an uncomfortable feeling and it will pass. Try to distract yourself by thinking about something different. See if you can concentrate on your breathing, focusing your attention elsewhere.

There is loads of help, available some free and some like hypnotherapy you have to pay for. You do not have to go through this alone.



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