Learning self hypnosis


Learning self hypnosis is a great way to relax. Hypnosis is a trance state similar to the feeling we have before we drift off to sleep. The mind is relaxed and focused, there is a clear change in brainwave activity. All Hypnosis is self hypnosis. Hypnotists act as guides to lead people into the trance state.

You can use self hypnosis for a number of beneficial changes. For insomnia, it can help send you to sleep or for an energy boost during the day. We can also use it for healing or installing a new belief.

Have a clear intention for the purpose of your self-hypnosis session for example to relax or clear the mind. Find yourself a comfortable place to sit, where you won’t be disturbed. Cover yourself in a blanket, unfold you body so your legs and arms are uncrossed. Take a few moments to get comfortable and breath.

Working with the natural flow of the breath.

An example of how to do Self-Hypnosis:

Close your eyes

Focus on your breathing

Silently and mentally count down from ten to one

Count on every second out-breath

As you exhale and count each number, let your body become more relaxed

As you count ten, focus on your head and face, and let them relax.

As you count nine, focus on your neck and shoulders, and let them relax.

As you count eight, focus on your arms and hands and let them relax.

As you count seven, focus on your upper back and let it relax.

As you count six, focus on your chest and let it relax.

As you count five, focus on your belly and lower back, and let them relax.

As you count four, focus on your pelvis and hips, and let them relax.

As you count three, focus on your thighs and knees, and let them relax.As you count two, focus on your calves and ankles, and let them relax.

As you count one, focus on your feet and toes, and let them relax.

When in this relaxed state you can rest and enjoy the benefits of this relaxation, do a positive visualisation or repeat an affirmation.

According to the Mind Body Institute in California, eliciting the relaxation response 20 minutes per day for 2–6 weeks will increase levels of calmness and relaxation in everyday life, as well as increase health.

(The Mind Body Institute, http://www.mindbodyinfertility.com)

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