Mental Rehearsal


What is Mental Rehearsal?

Mental Rehearsal is a visualisation process. In which you mentally rehearse and practice the way you would like to think, feel and behave during a future event. So whether your an athlete preparing for a sports event or nervous about a meeting with your boss, mental rehearsal can help you feel prepared and confident. Mental Rehearsal refers to using your mind to ‘replicate the experience of the actual doing of the thing’. Neural pathways are formed just by using our imagination. Mental Rehearsal can be used to rehearse new behaviors, new way’s of thinking and future successes.

The subconscious mind is unable to tell the difference between something imagined or something real. When using  your imagination the same parts of the brain are used as if you were actually physically doing the thing imagined. Neural imagining is able to see the same part of the brain light up. By impressing on the subconscious how you would like feel think or behave the changes happen much faster.

How to do Mental Rehearsal:
Take some time to settle down and relax.
Enter a hypnotic state. ( See: self hypnosis blog)
Begin to imagine the future as you would like to experience it.
Use all of your senses, see what you see, feel what you feel, sense what your sensing. So that you are imagining the event as if it was really happening now.
Pay attention to the details as you rehearse the new behavior or future success.
Practice this new behavior/success by repeating the event a few times.

Try to do this Mental Rehearsal twice a day; it may take anything from five to thirty minutes. Use your imagination until you feel really prepared.

Working with the subconscious in this way we are able to enter a previously stressful situation, calm and in control. We are also communicating with the subconscious in a language that it understands. So change happens quickly and without struggle.

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