Release the Old, Set your goals.

What a year we have all had! Now that you have survived 2020 it is time to let it go and set your intentions for 2021. 2020 has been an unprecedented time for stress. Now is the time to release it and allow for the free flow of energy for 2021.

In reality it does not matter whether it’s January 2021 or some time during this year or the next, what matters is the intention of releasing the past and deciding what you want in your future. I often use the full moon to release the old and set intentions for the month to come. A little ceremony where I light some candles, call in my guides, get into the quite space and release what no longer serves or what I feel is holding me back. Then deciding what I want to bring into my life for the coming months.


Find a quite place, close your eyes and breathe into your body for a few deep belly breaths or go into trance. Take a piece of paper and write out all you feel about 2020 and what you want to release. Don’t think about it just let the words flow, don’t worry about spelling etc.

When you have finished you can either tear up or burn the paper. Alternatively you can create a special ceremony where you burn the paper. Then cleanse your space with sage or palo santo. Find out about smudging here.

Now that you have released 2020 it’s time to think about what you need in your life for 2021. We have all learnt what is really important in life over the last year. As before go into self hypnosis or spend a few moments with your eyes closed and think about what you would like to have in your life in 2021.

Some ideas for intentions:

How will you?

Nourish your Body

Nourish your Mind

Nourish your Spirit

Staying focused on our intentions and taking care of our wellbeing physically, mentally and spiritually is essential if we want to stay healthy and transform our lives. A vision board is a great way of keeping our intentions in the mind. It is a real illustration of the intentions you have set for yourself.

Allowing Success

Think of something you want, and why you are now closer to having it than ever before.

Remember what success in some other area of your life felt like to you. Feel how you stood, moved and breathed.

Imagine having that thing in your life now, moving, feeling, breathing as you did when you were successful.

As always make time for you, practice mediation and self hypnosis, get outside for some grounding.

Stay safe and well.

Love Ruth XX

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