Interview with Vivien Matthias from Near FM’s Body and Soul.


I really enjoyed my interview with the lovely Vivien. She was a very enthusiastic and chatty presenter. Vivien made me feel comfortable and at ease from the start. The interview was about Hypnotherapy for weight loss and hypnotherapy in general.

Vivien asked me about various aspects of hypnosis. From self hypnosis to people’s fears relating to being hypnotised. I explained how we naturally go into hypnosis every day. When we are engrossed in a good book or movie, totally focused in the now. We spoke about how hypnosis helped her recover from allergies. How that has changed her life and freed her from constraints places on her by the allergies.

We talked about how hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool when it comes to weight management. Accessing the feeling part of the mind and programming in new ways of thinking and feeling about food. About how using hypnosis we can uncover the reason for you holding onto the weight, you no longer desire. How Hypnotherapy is brilliant for motivation and confidence. We discussed the difference between hypnosis for weight management and Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy.

I had great fun doing the interview and am delighted that Vivien asked me to share the experience with her. I am passionate about spreading the word on how beneficial hypnotherapy and hypnosis are. These tools can have a real and positive influence over our lives. Please have a listen to the podcast and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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