The Mind is like a Meadow


I like to think of it like this. The mind is like a meadow, beautiful with grasses and flowers growing with insects buzzing about. That thing inside, that you would like to change, be it smoking or feelings of despair is a well worn path in that meadow. Sometimes it can be trench like, with nothing growing, it has been walked down so many times.

Hypnotherapy can create new paths inside the mind. A new trail to explore, the path that you want to follow. Using the trance state we start to walk down the new path, over and over until you can see a new trail forming, the grasses and flowers flatten. As you walk down the new path the old path starts to disappear, grasses and flowers begin to grow and pretty soon it is as if the old way is gone.

As we know nothing truly disappears, and just like today’s modern imagining equipment that is able to see the remains of Roman towns under years of earth, our path never truly disappears. It will always remain. The difference now is that we are fully aware of the existence of the path and why we walked down it. We are in full control and consciously choose to walk down the new path. Free from the constraints we put ourselves under, able to admire the beauty of the meadow.


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