Quick Body Scan Meditation


What is a quick body scan?

The Quick Body Scan is a mindfulness technique from  the Buddhist Tradition. A Quick Body Scan can be done several times throughout the day. Regular body scans get you to notice and release tension in your body. They help you to become more attuned to what your body needs. Body scans can help increase overall levels of mental and physical relaxation. Becoming more in tune with your body will allow you notice any dis – ease before it becomes a problem.

If your stuck for time this quick body scan fit into most peoples busy lives. Practice of the body scan also cultivates our mindfulness. You can  practice anywhere and anytime to begin training your mind to be more present in your life. Being more mindful brings more clarity, possibility and choice.

How to practise body awareness throughout the day:

  1. While you are going about your normal activities, try to scan your body as often as possible.
  2. Starting at the top of your head, bring your awareness down through your body until you reach your toes.
  3. Notice how you are feeling.
  4. Notice where you are holding tension, and use your breath to release it. Go to breathe to learn how.


  • When you do daily Self-Hypnosis use it as a time to give your attention to your body and the sensations that are present. Imagine looking at your bodily sensations through a zoom lens and listen to any messages your body has for you.

If you are suffering from any sign’s and symptoms of stress like high blood pressure, anxiety, irritability, muscle tension or worry then regular practice of a technique like the quick body scan can help activate the relaxation response, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Being aware of tension in your body during the day and mindfully relaxing the body will help restore balance.

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