Premenstrual Syndrome


Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a collection of physical and emotional symptoms related to a woman’s menstrual cycle. The specific emotional and physical symptoms attributable to PMS vary from woman to woman, but each individual woman’s pattern of symptoms is predictable, occurs consistently during the ten days prior to menses, and vanishes either shortly before or shortly after the start of menstrual flow.

Through the use of hypnosis, imagery and mind/ body techniques you can learn to communicate and listen to your body. This allows you more control over your body and the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). To realise that it’s not all bad and there are valid reasons for the up’s and downs. Perhaps you suffer from debilitating period pain each month, emotional upheavals, your cycle is very erratic, or you bleed heavily. Whatever your condition, the first step in healing is to make peace with your body. Begin to rediscover the inherent wisdom and healing power in your cyclical nature.

Imagine feeling better and being in control during your pre-menstrual cycle. Hypnotherapy, particularly self-hypnosis can be learned to reduce if not eliminate some symptoms. PMS is our body’s natural response to hormonal changes. Our body is also highly suggestible and in hypnosis, your hypnotherapist (or you in self-hypnosis) gives suggestions to alleviate your worst symptoms. You’ll be able to control your mood swing, reign in your appetite, have more energy and feel normal prior to your period. Hypnosis can induce a state of deep relaxation within the body that relieves stress as well as increases the production of endorphins, which are brain chemicals that have been associated with relieving pain within the body.  Here’s something you can do.

  • Take a deep breath in let it out and close your eyes.
  • Once those eyes are closed turn inward and notice the physical sensations in the body.
  • Breathe out slowly until your breathing becomes lighter and more peaceful.
  • Once your attention is drawn away from your thoughts and whatever it was that you were upset about, start to become aware of your lower abdomen or the womb area. Breathe deeply into your womb, feel the natural sensation that your body is getting ready for a new cycle. It is a source of female power.
  • Focus on the feeling and relax into it. Accept it and accept that it is alright to do absolutely nothing but to rest with your eyes closed, breathe slowly and focus on the lower abdomen right now.
  • Make a decision from your core to only take care of what is absolutely necessary at this time.
  • Breathe and then listen for your physical and mental response….any thought or reaction is fine…Let it go…

Practice this at least five minutes a day during the premenstrual week.

Many people become sad and emotional in the days prior to menstruation. If the tears come, let them, but have some awareness of the time of month and that this may contribute to reactions. Because of a drop in natural endorphins you may feel sad or remorseful. Self-hypnosis can be useful in these times too, deep relaxation balances the hormones in the body, restoring equilibrium. Self-Hypnosis should be complimented with good nutrition, warm baths, a good night’s sleep, rest and comfort. It is a good idea to start to chart your cycle, you can begin at any stage during the month. Jot down feelings, emotions, thoughts and insights.

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