The Frequencies of the Mind

Frequencies of the Mind

Getting to know the different frequencies of your mind can be really helpful, especially when you are stressed and anxious. Learning how to calm the mind and to activate the relaxation response within yourself will help in all aspects of life. Tuning into the deeper mind and the subconscious sharpens your inner senses and intuition.

Beta – This is when the mind is strongly engaged in active conversation, stressful situations or worry. You activate beta in fight or flight, such as when running for a bus. Being in a beta state of mind for long periods of time can lead to heightened state of anxiety, ill health and imbalance in life.

Alpha – This is a rejuvenating and relaxing state, often experienced during the day when you take time out. It’s also experienced as you start to daydream, meditate and go into early stages of sleep. Developing a more alpha based mind state through activities which induce this frequency, stimulates the immune system promoting health wellbeing and bridges the gap between our conscious thinking and subconscious mind. It promotes a relaxed state of mind, so that you’re connected to Source and therefore can trust the information that comes through the senses.

Theta – This is a deeper form of relaxation experienced in deep hypnosis, meditation or the sleep state. It’s when your mind activity is switched off and you have the ability to allow the subconscious to remove unwanted habits and to promote wellbeing. Your inner senses work through the more relaxed frequencies such as alpha and theta.

Delta – Finally, this is the deepest sleep state where you are completely relaxed physically and mentally.

To stimulate a more alpha based mindset you need to create a calm and tranquil space for yourself daily by incorporating good practices into your daily routine, such as self hypnosis, meditation or being in nature.

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